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Humans Kerk
Humansdorp Churches and old buildings

Humansdorp has some of the most exquisite and oldest churches in the world i.e ...

Seal Point Lighthouse

The Seal Point Lighthouse, standing at 27,75 meter, is the tallest masonry lig ...

Shark Point10
Shark Point

Shark Point, or the Cape St Francis Point, is the point between St Francis Bay ...

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Various popular birding spots can be found in the Greater St Francis Area.

Community Garden   Hvd W (2)
St Francis Community Garden

The garden, situated in Harbour Road is are one of the treasures of St Francis ...

Lookout 600 380
Lookout Point, St Francis Drive

Past Port St Francis, a Look-out Point is situated in St Francis Drive. A sho ...

Seals2   Hettie Meyer

The most consistent waves occur between about May to mid September, also often ...

Bottlenose Dolphin Taiji Cove
Marine Life

The Bottle-nosed dolphin is the most common species in the Greater St Francis ...

Paddling and SUP

The Greater St Francis boasts ample rivers, canals and the ocean for paddling ...

Romazini 600 380
Romazini Valley

Romazini Valley is a public open space between Romazini Road and Tom Brown Bou ...

The Wreck Of The Birkenhead
Cape Recife

On 20 February 1929 the Cape Recife was wrecked just west of the Seal Point Li ...

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Sand River

The Sand River is one of the finest examples in the world of a by-pass headlan ...

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MTB / Cycling in St Francis

Cycling in St Francis

St Francis single track loop
20km route ...

Boophane Disticha At Irma Booysen Floral Reserve 450
Irma Booysen Flora Reserve

The Irma Booysen Flora Reserve can be entered at various points in Cape St Fra ...

Water Sport 2

St Francis Bay and Cape St Francis are meccas to all watersport enthusiasts. ...

River Fish

The Seekoei, and Kromme Rivers are but a few of the river fishing and boating ...

St Francis Canals

Leighton Hullet bought nearly 3 km of river frontage (179 morgen beside the Kr ...


St Francis Bay Golf Club is renowned country-wide for its war ...

Tourism Tour3
Nature Reserves in Cape St Francis

Cape St Francis is home to the Cape St Francis Nature Reserve, Seal Point Natu ...

World Sandboard Champion
Sand Boarding

Oyster Bay has great sand dune boarding spots to provide endless fun for young ...


The sport of bowls is a healthy activity which caters for all ages both young ...


River and canal cruises at sunset, with a bottle of wine and a picnic basket c ...

Rocky Coast Farm Hike

The entrance to Rocky Coast Farm is at the first parking area at Sunset Rock, ...

Humansdorpmuseum 640 280
Humansdorp Museum

The Humansdorp Museum, a cultural historic museum, boasts historic artifacts u ...

Boskloof Nature Reserve

The Boskloof Nature Reserve in Humansdorp has a short trail with prolific bird ...

Tangled Up In Blue Flora And Fauna 20035468 800 600
Fauna and Flora

The Eastern Cape encompasses 6 of the world’s 7 biomes, and within them a myri ...

Cape St Francis Nature Reserve

Enter the reserve from the end of St Francis Drive in St Francis Bay, just pas ...

Coastal Shell Middens and Fish Traps

Cape St Francis is situated on approximately 4,8km either side of a headland w ...

Osprey 397
HMS Osprey

HMS OSPREY was a wooden screw Vigilant class gunvessel, built in 1856 by Fletc ...

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Kite and Wind Surfing

The Kromme River Mouth in St Francis Bay is an excellent kite surfing spot, as ...

Two Habours Walk St Francis
Two Harbours Walk

The Two Harbours Walk connects the Heritage Eco Centre at the Granny's Pool in ...

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General info on local wrecks

The Cape of Good Hope has been famous for more than 500 years as the 'graveyar ...

Bruce's Ocean Museum & Cafe

In 1971 the NSRI Station 21 was established in St Francis Bay. Their boat hous ...


There are a few tennis clubs in the Greater St Francis area with courts in Oys ...

News 27 150 Right Whale Calves 73982 600x450
Whale watching

Boat based Whale and Dolphin Watching is available from Port St Francis as the ...

NSRI Station

The National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) is a voluntary non-profit organisatio ...

Cape St Francis Beach

All the coastal towns have beautiful sandy beaches which cater for long walks ...

Squash Court

St Francis Bay Squash Club is home to two doubles courts and one single court. ...