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Scuro Coffee Crafts

We are an artisanal coffee roaster. We roast our own coffee off course, but we also build the
roasters that we roast it with. All our coffee that we sell is high graded coffee. We strive to always
give you fresh quality coffee.

With that said, we have a few events that we offer throughout the year:                                                                                                               Coffee brewing: We demonstrate, teach and taste different brewing methods for home or
office use.
Coffee roasting: We tell you all about the roasting process. From green bean to cup. You also
get to roast your own green coffee beans.
Coffee tasting/pairing: Different coffees are pair with different snacks that either enhances
or dampens the taste.
All of these events are fun, interactive and informative. These events are great for team building.

Like our coffee we try as far as possible to make fresh food. We offer delicious breakfasts, toasted
sandwiches, salad, smash patty burgers and waffles. For drinks we have (off course) delicious coffee
cold or hot, fruit freezos, fruit milkshakes, smoothies, artisanal wines and addo craft beer.
Come taste and see that He is GOOD


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