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St Francis Canals

Leighton Hullet bought nearly 3 km of river frontage (179 morgen beside the Kromme River) and began to work on the canal system in 1968 with a dreger that he build himself.

In 1976 the first part of the canal system was completed with an eastern and western outlet to the Kromme River. The St Francis canal system is the largest man-made web of canals in the country. The canal system boasts a small craft harbour as well as a popular restaurant and is, together with the Kromme River, playground for the water sport enthusiast and fisherman alike. Paddling and Stand Up Paddling, swimming, boating, fishing, and especially late afternoon canal cruises are popular pastimes. Small boats can be rented on a day-to-day basis, and moorings are available for tourists who bring their own craft.

The Cove (the western outlet into the Kromme River) is a popular swimming spot for families as one of the sides will assure protection from the prevailing wind of the day.

Resident homes around the canal system are known for their black roofed and white- walled building style.


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